08 June 2010

The Voice of an Angel

"Momma", said the sweet angel voice on the other end of the phone this morning at 4:45 am.  I didn't care that it was so early - it was my missionary!!!  Nicole had the opportunity to call from both the Salt Lake and the Minneapolis airports.  We had a much longer conversation the 2nd time and we were really awake by then.  Oh, how I miss that girl!  Talking to her made me feel as if it was just yesterday that we had dropped her off at the MTC - before that I was afraid time was going to advance at a snails pace.
Nicole in her role as an angel in "The Cumorah Connection"

We asked her to tell us what her best moments at the MTC were.  She said going to the Provo Temple every week was especially wonderful because she knew she wouldn't have another chance until her mission was over and she was home.  She loved the teaching appointments - even though they made her nervous it helped her stretch and grow spiritually.  She learned to listen more to the spirit, her companions and the "investigators" and not always be thinking of what she was going to say next. Actors call that "Being in the Moment" (a special thanks to Miriam AKA Auntie M for that valuable lesson).  She also loved reversing roles and seeing things through the eyes of an investigator.

I found great comfort in knowing she is really ready for this next phase of her mission where she gets to apply what she's learned and studied.  I know she is prepared to serve the Lord in the Cleveland/Kirtland area.

Saying good-bye is definitely the hardest thing a parent ever has to do - especially knowing we won't hear that beautiful voice again until Christmas.  I committed to putting my energy into supporting her and her choice to serve this mission so thankfully we have email and can still write letters - she loves letters [wink][wink]!

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Kim said...

What a precious experience! You will have so many, many more, sweet sister! Nicole is certainly blessing her family!

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