21 June 2010


Nicole Arriving in Cleveland and the Kirtland Temple Photo She Took on Her 1st Day (waiting for new pictures)

So here I am, sitting in the Willoughby Library. [sigh] Every day here seems so unreal. Sometimes I see things and I get really excited about being able to bring my family back here. Kirtland is such a sacred place. This Friday, we have about 300+ people coming through the historic sites. It's gonna be craaazy. But I would rather give tours than sit in the Phone Room and call referrals people left. The other night I found a card from an FLDS woman (polygamist) and was really excited to call her. Unfortunately, she didn't answer, but I'll try again soon. Tonight we have a bbq with the Community of Christ. Games and free food! I'm pretty pumped, let me tell you.


-So we're continuing to teach Millie, even though she can't read the Book of Mormon. But she's trying really hard. I made her pinky swear that she would never smoke again and so far she's telling us that she hasn't. Pinky promises can be REALLY powerful.

-One of the less actives we've been visiting came to church yesterday! That was really great because she hasn't been to Church in quite some time. The branch members were really great about fellowshipping. I was proud of our little branch.

-Christy got baptized!!!! I'll send you a picture of her, Sister Carter, and I. She's so strong. One of the most beautiful baptisms I've ever been to. Sister Carter and I had to fill up the font, but this particular font takes four hours to fill up. So we just hung out at the church all Friday evening. We were sitting in the men's bathroom (where the font controls are) and it was really dark. And then I started to think what if I had been able to see this little scene a year ago. I thought it was funny. But I think most things are funny. Anyways, Christy's parents and sister are not members but they came to the baptism! And Christy's mom asked for a Book of Mormon. Sis. Carter and I spoke about the Restoration while Christy was getting changed and then when she came out, she bore her testimony. Ah, that girl is such a rock. I love her.

-Another investigator, a 20 year old girl, came to church yesterday! It was a big step for because she kind of suffers from social anxiety. It was great to be able to sit with her and explain things to her. She has a lot of faith.

-Last night Sister Carter and I invited ourselves over to Sister Bringas' house for dinner. Sister Bringas is from Peru (I think I told you about her last week. We had dinner with her and her sister last Sunday too.) Anyways, we went with two other sister missionaries that serve with us in the branch. Sister Bringas loves Trader Joe's so we had yummy brown rice spaghetti with meat sauce. Sister Carter and I provided the salad which was quite delicious, as well. And then sugar free ice cream for dessert! (One of the sister missionaries that came with us is diabetic and the other has celiac's.) We always have fun with Sister Bringas and her sister Adrianna. We then went to a fireside with them at the Kirtland Visitor's Center. It was for investigators about Heavenly Father's love. All of us sang "I Am a Child of God". The Spirit was definitely strong there. I think Sister Bringas and Adrianna enjoyed it as well. I HOPE they did, at least.

-Met with a man named Eric. He has a mohawk and is super cool. Burns incense. Has 6 million books about every religion in the world. His wife thinks he's crazy. Anyways, he just asked a bazillion questions for an hour and a half. I was exhausted afterwards. He said next week he wants to talk about the Church's stance on homosexuality. I'm like REALLY excited. He totally believes everything we believe, he just doesn't see why he has to get baptized in this life if he can do it in the next life. He'll come around. I know it.

Middlefield, OH is in our area (Google it). Sister Carter said we can go there for Pday next week. AMISH COUNTRY!!!!! Dreams do come true.

In the Boynton home, there are 8 sisters. Sister Houston lives right down the hall from me! And Sis. Carter and I do have a car on the days that we are in our area. We live basically on sites so on the days we're in Kirtland, we just walk. We bring food to make at sites so if anyone has fast, easy, healthy recipes for me, I would be eternally grateful. There is no oven or stove at sites, but there is a fridge, freezer, microwave, George Forman grill, blender, and sink. I am desperate for ideas. I refuse to give into the statistic of sister's gaining weight. Everyone I've talked to here has gained at least 10 pounds. Midgets cannot afford to gain 10 pounds.

Yesterday, Kirtland was having a Strawberry Festival (SIDE NOTE - NOT as cool as Roseville's.) at Kirtland High School and they asked the sister missionaries to come sing at it. So we did. We sang "Popcorn Popping", "I'm so Glad When Daddy Comes Home", and some other songs. Sister Kingston sang a solo! She has SUCH a beautiful voice.

Read 3 Nephi 11.

There is no denying that the Church is true. Miracles happen every day. I thank Heavenly Father every day for giving me this opportunity! Kirtland is truly a sacred place. We can learn so much from the early Saints. So I'm glad Nana is studying up on Kirtland!! Everyone should be required to. The School of the Prophets is such a special place for me. Read D&C 88 about the School of the Prophets. Heavenly Father uses names for it that usually only reserved for temples. I realize now how vitally important is to live our lives that we are always worthy to have the Holy Ghost. There is so much power from the Spirit. So be good.

Sister Hill

Thank you for those sweet, encouraging letters! They mean the world to me. Thank you for taking the time to write those, type them, find pictures, and quotes! I felt very special. So thank you, thank you!!!!!!

I LOVE Sadie's outfit!!!! Hahahaha. Thank you for sending those pictures! Ah, she's so precious. I love that outfit. Dang. We watched God's Plan for His Family last night at the fireside and I started crying. Ugh, I hate when I cry during cheesy movies. But they showed the cutest baby in her crib and I started to think about how I'm going to miss my nephew as a BABY. He's going to be so old when I meet him. But it's okay. I'll suck it up.
Thought I should show you Sadie and "the outfit". Looks like her Auntie Cole 

Again, thanks for the clothes and the sweet letters!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

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