04 June 2010

A Great Day to be a Missionary

Nicole and her Cousin Lyndsey after Nicole's Endowment
(can you tell I'm out of mission pictures?)

Anyong!  (I think Nicole must be wandering over to the building where languages are being taught to those who will serve abroad? or we watched too many episodes of "Arrested Development"?)

This last Wednesday began Visitor's Center training. It was like the whole first week at the MTC all over again. But kind of exciting. One of our teachers is a theatre major at BYU and served at the Nauvoo Visitor's Center. She's super sassy and fun. Three of the sisters in our group are going to Independence, Missouri and two are going to the Los Angeles Visitor's Center, Spanish speaking. We enjoy ourselves. Last night we set up a room like a Visitor's Center and volunteers came in, we gave them tours, taught, got referrals. Sister Houston and I decided to do it as a companionship. The first two girls we had were "nonmembers" and asked us really hard questions. They came up to us after to apologize and confess that they were both return missionaries. Punks. Then we had two members come through. Sister Houston asked them to bear their testimonies about the Savior's love for them. The one girl bore such a beautiful testimony and we were all crying. It was pretty incredible. Even if it was just a "roleplay".

I woke up yesterday morning with a nasty cold. So I bought some Sudafed and cough drops today. I haaaate being icky sicky.

I got a card from Karen Hunter yesterday!! How awesome is that. It made me really happy so I'm going to write her back after dinner. She was born in Pennsylvania and her mom still lives there. So hopefully I get to spend SOME time in Pennsylvania. We shall see.

Tomorrow we get to go to Temple Square from 3 pm-8pm. And I WISH so badly that Auntie could see me off at the airport, but all the rules clearly state that no family is allowed to do so. Bummer. Also, I bought a calling card today for 1000 minutes so let's hope that's enough. Har har har. I think I'll call from Salt Lake City, too if that's okay. It'll be super early your time but that would give us more time to talk? Just let me know. That way the little girls could come over when I'm in MN and you wouldn't feel like all your time was taken up. I don't know. You decide. If I call from the Salt Lake Airport it could be like 5 am your time. Because we report to the travel office at the MTC at 4 a.m. Load up luggage. Drive 30 minutes. Check in. So I'm just estimating that by the time I could call it would like 6 a.m. here. I hate figuring out time. Thank GOODNESS I'm not going to Australia. Now for the clothing, thank you so much!! I really liked the Downeast one and the cardigans. I'm actually wearing the Downeast shirt right now and the pink cardigan. The Express shirts aren't really my style. But that's okay. I gave the turquoise one to Sister Andersen and the pink one to Sister Houston. They thank you. I was thinking more of shirts like the ones from J.Crew or Banana Republic with the flower things on them, kind of? I don't know. The clothing doesn't have to be as conservative as I previously thought. Just clean cut and professional. I also would like some fun white shirts (like the one I wore with my pink cardigan when you dropped me off at the MTC) to wear under cardigans. I'm tired of my plain boring white shirts. And now it's so hottttt here. I don't even want to think about the weather in OH. I also have this dream of a navy skirt with a red and white striped quarter length shirt and red shoes. Or red skirt with blue and white striped quarter length shirt and navy shoes. Let me know if you can fulfill this dream. And maybe some cute fashion scarves. Think Anthropologie but less expensive. Is this making sense? I wish I could just shoooop. Ugh. (I thought about editing this out but it is sooo Nicole.  Could this be why she was voted "Best Dressed" at Woodcreek High every year she attended?)

My Fashionista Trying Out Conservative

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRISTINA!!! I don't know if you ever got my card. But I sent it! I hope your birthday was absolutely beautiful. I was thinking of you! I love you!!!

Well, I will be calling on Tuesday so I shouldn't say EVERYTHING now. Dad, thanks for the goal setting tips! My companions and I were just talking about how we need to do that. Speaking of goals, I got a REAL referral last night for a young lady that lives in San Diego. I'll be calling her soon. Crazy.

This morning I woke up feeling really sick, but so happy. And I couldn't figure out why. Until I realized that I'm SO glad I made the decision to be out here. I can't think of anything better. I hope you all are realizing the blessings in your life. Heavenly Father has given us so much to show His love. I know He does. So believe it. You're never alone. This work never gets easier, but it does get better.

Thank you for always thinking of me and being so kind!!!! It means the world to me. I love you!!!! And am so excited to talk to you on Tuesday!

P.S. - Tell Madison that she definitely has enough time to draw me a picture.
P.P.S. - I also got a dearelder from Grandpa so I'll be writing him soon as well! So good to hear from him. And Brother Mahkorn sent me the nicest dearelder ever. Can I send you a box with all my letters beeeecause I don't have room for them in my luggage. Thank you, thank you!

LOVE TO YOU ALL! And a huge thank you and hug to all of you who write Nicole - nothing comforts a "missionary mom" more than knowing there is support and love being shown to their missionary!


Lyndsey & Ryan said...

Oh Auntie, i do love that picture that you have up. What an amazing day for sister nicole hill! I miss her and i am constantly thinking of her. These emails are so truly uplifting and just amazing! She is doing such amazing work and i am soooo proud of my darling cousin!!

mackensie neptune said...

2 letters to Nicole and still no response! reminiscent of calling Nicole over and over again while she must have been pressing "ignore" on her phone. But that's ok because I am perseverant! She want deter me that easily! Muahaha!

Sister Nicole Hill and Mum said...

I am hoping when Nicole gets to Ohio she'll have a little more time for letters. I think the MTC might stand for "Mucho Time Commitment"! Hey Daahling Mackensie, do you have any pictures of the day Nicole opened her papers? The person who filmed it with her phone had it set to high speed so the whole things just flies past...your goodies looked great even as they "raced" by me :)
Thank you Lyndsey and Mackensie for your comments. I love knowing that people are reading Nicole's blog.

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