17 June 2010

A Detour to the Beginning

While we're waiting for the next email or (fingers crossed) a camera memory card sent from Ohio - I thought it would be fun to look back at the days before Nicole left on her mission.  So many wonderful angels helped us get ready for the day we would drop her off (literally) at the MTC.  Don't forget to read her 1st email from Ohio posted below - she's on fire!

The beginning of a life-changing time!

Nicole's wonderful friend Mackensie Neptune (don't you LOVE that name - the girl will most likely be Martha Stewart's replacement someday) threw a "mission-paper-opening" party for Nicole at BYU Idaho.  I had no photos - only a video filmed at the speed of sound (strange setting for a camera phone).  I just found these pictures taken by Alex Adamson (an amazing photographer) on Nicole's Facebook page. Thank you Alex for the incredible shots of the day Nicole opened her mission papers - and thank you Mackensie for making that day extra special!

Nicole's friend Kristen holding a phone to her ear...note the multi-tasking abilities - a much needed asset in the mission field!

A Missionary Shower (a new concept for me and a fun idea) thrown by our dear friends Lisa Owens (not pictured because she stayed behind the lens) and Bev McIntyre. We didn't have many pictures because eating and talking were far more enticing options!

A contest created by cousin Alicia at a family gathering:  Who could build the best temple out of marshmallows and toothpicks?  And the winner was - cousin Ryan Aiono (he's in a few photo's on this blog - that boy LOVES the camera!)!

A visit to Roseville's annual Strawberry Festival complete with a pancake breakfast, Snake Oil salesman, crazy hats and wild animals hanging with the dinosaurs and cavemen.

Mother's Day 2010 - Nicole and I spoke in Sacrament Meeting (not an easy task for this cry-baby mom). [Note: the fabulous part of being in charge of a blog is that I get to choose the pictures]

Last hugs from Nicole's favorite little ladies - nieces Madison and Sadie - the night before we left for the MTC.

Road trip to the MTC - good books, uplifting videos and laughter through the tears (mom's tears, mostly)!

A "friendly" game of Finger-Twister at a Wendy's somewhere in Nevada (I'm never sure where we are when traveling through the Nevada desert). Christina and Nicole cheer on Trevor and Ryan who can ALWAYS be found in some type of competition!

Daddy and daughter after her last father's blessing before going into the MTC - eye's a little red but smiles none the less.

Our last meal together before "The Drop-Off" - Guru's in Provo, UT.  I'll need to go there again so I can actually enjoy the food without the stomach butterflies.  Love the saying that was on our plate of delicious sweet potato fries - what a perfect one for that particular day with that particular young lady.

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mackensie neptune said...

Thanks for the shout out in the blog! I feel so honored! I finally got a letter from Nicole, it made my day. I am so grateful for this blog!

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