05 June 2010

Temple Square and the Paparazzi?

Nicole had the opportunity to practice her "tour-giving" skills at Temple Square in Salt Lake City this afternoon.  Her Auntie Kim just "happened" to run into her and her companion for the day, Sister Andersen from Sweden.  Nicole had the opportunity to practice on her Aunt, Uncle and cousins which was a special experience for all.  In the words of my sister, "Nicole is really a missionary"!  I think my little girl has found her wings in the MTC and is ready to take flight in Ohio.

Teaching on Temple Square

Is that the paparazzi again?

Wait...it's my Auntie Kim!  No Way!

Sister Andersen (from Sweden) and Nicole teaching a captive audience (my sister and her family)
I love that supportive look and comforting gesture from Sister Andersen.
It's amazing that they found someone who makes Nicole look tall(er).

Okay scarecrow...just follow the yellow brick road...
(sorry!  I just couldn't resist...munchkins...tall guy...get it?)

Auntie Kim, Uncle Paul, cousins Ryan and Shelby finishing their special moment with Sister Hill [tears].
The look on their faces says it all...the gospel brings such happiness!


Kim said...

You did a GREAT job with the subheadings depicting each picture! Such a sweet few minutes with our precious Sister Hill! And by "few" I mean just that...time cannot waste when there is missionary work to be done!

Sister Nicole Hill and Mum said...

Thank you so much Sissy for sharing such a special experience with me. These will be my new "go-to pictures" when I'm missing my little Nicoly girl - guess I'll be looking at them a lot!

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