19 July 2010

The Word of the Lord is Coming to Kirtland!

Now this is companion unity!

Howdy there.

It was a rough week for Sister Hill. I promised Heavenly Father and Sister Carter that I would make big changes, though and I have a doctor's appointment today at 4 p.m. so I'm excited to see what the future brings. My first transfer ends on Wednesday and I must say, it hasn't been my finest transfer. But I'm learning lots and meeting the most amazing people. Sister Carter and I have spent much time in our house due to me being sickly, so I've been decorating everything I own with scrapbook paper.

Most of our appointments cancelled on us this week (which makes me grateful that I grew up in a home where nothing goes as planned, knowing how to be flexible.), but we did get to meet with our investigator with the 5 year old daughter that I so greatly adore. Angellyna and I usually just play Barbie while Sister Carter and the mom resolve concerns. I get frustrated when people know with all their heart that this Gospel is true, but won't make the necessary changes to be baptized. C'moooon. Great blessings await you! Seriously, people want to know how to be happy, but they don't want to do what it takes to have that happiness. Salvation isn't easy.

We do service every other week at the American Cancer Society Thrift Store and I met this 19 year old girl who was searching for friendship. We talked about her growing up years and I shared with her how the Gospel of Jesus Christ has really provided me with a sense of belonging and peace. She agreed to let us meet with her so hopefully we'll be in contact with her shortly. Summers at Kirtland are just so busy that we have no time in our area and then I have to go and get sick. Blegh.

Speaking of Kirtland, I took a tour by myself the other day. I was scared out of my wits. ? It was a YSA tour, too. Later that day, Sister Carter and I took another YSA tour from Washington D.C. We had a grand ol' time. One of the girls, Melissa Pickett, heard I was from Roseville, CA and asked if I knew any Pickett's. I became very excited and explained to her how Melinda Pickett was such a lifesaver to my family after dad's accident and how they would come caroling, bringing joy to our family. Turns out, Scott Pickett is Melissa Pickett's dad's brother!! In other words, Scott and Melinda Pickett are the Uncle and Aunt to this girl I met on tour. We took pictures together to document the occasion so you can check those out.

Waiting to get everyone in the picture after the Emma Festival


There are three sisters in our district. One of them goes home in two days. Anyways, the missionaries have been working with this man, Brother Andrus, for years now. His wife and daughters are all members. Brother Andrus got roped in to being "This is Kirtland" and played one of the original twelve apostles. The missionaries have been committing this man to baptism for YEARS, right? But he just never feels like he's ready. He goes to church every Sunday, helps out in the Primary, people think he's a member of the church, but he's not (sound familiar?). So this sister that's going home on Wed., Sister Wirig, she served in the Andrus' ward a few transfers ago, got transferred out, and now for her very last transfer, was put back into their ward. The three sisters had a powerful lesson with Brother Andrus, Sister Wirig asked him to be baptized on Saturday, and he stared at her. He finally said no, but that his testimony WAS growing. Well, something got to him, and he couldn't sleep at night. He knew what he needed to do. So his wife called the sisters a few days later to tell them that Brother Andrus would be baptized on Saturday. Why Saturday, you may ask? Saturday was the last night of the play "This is Kirtland". The cast pulled together money to fly all of Brother Andrus' daughters, son-in-laws, and grandkids out for the baptism. And that night, at the play, Joseph Smith says, "Congratulations to the Snow family on the baptism of Brother Lorenzo!" And then he adds, "And congratulations to the Andrus family on the baptism of Brother Laurence!" The crowd went crazy and everyone was standing, clapping, just being all around joyful. It was a powerful experience. Had to be there. Seriously, the church is true.

Other incredible things are taking place around these parts, giving us all that boost of testimony that we sometimes desperately need.

Keep up the good work! Don't get discouraged. Sister Carter always says, "Discouragement is the death sentence."

The Sisters that live in the Boynton home - Gorgeous Girls!

Love you!,

Sister Nicole Hill

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