16 July 2010

"Enjoy your modern conveniences..."

Nicole had the opportunity to go to an Amish Community on her P-Day this past Monday.  She had a wonderful time & FINALLY sent me some pictures :)  YEA!!

Sisters Hill, Carter, Stewart and Houston preparing for an exciting day!

So this is how the Amish use a car.

Is this the equivalent of a Costco?

The goat whisperer?

"Umm...Sister Carter is this our ride home?"  Apparently there isn't trunk space in a buggy (note the baby stroller on top).

It wouldn't have taken Nicole so long to get her driver's license if this had been her vehicle of choice :)

Stop signs that cater to horses - I love it!!

I'll bet those smiles are in response to the heavenly aroma's coming from this business!

Life in the slow lane - what a concept :)

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