03 July 2010


We got this letter in the mail from Nicole yesterday.  I had to share...too funny!

28 June 2010

Mother and Father,

First off, do my siblings have my address? Just curious. I’m glad I have parents that write me, so thank you for taking the time. It means the world to me. [Nicole put her address here…a reminder and a hint…funny girl]

I forgot to mention a few things in my email! The other day we were out tracting with a girl from our branch. It was my turn to do the approach. So a man answers the door, I tell him who we are & the message we would like to share. He then looks at us and says, “You’re Mormon sooo do you all have 1 husband?” Sister Carter quickly replies, “Yes!” and then I explain that we aren’t married, but he proceeds to ask again and Sister Carter sticks with her original answer of “Yes!” We’re all thoroughly confused and he says, “So you’re all married to the same man?” At that moment a huge storm came (with tornado warnings, mind you) and we want to explain to him, but he’s telling us that we need to quickly get back to our car (which we did). But I was so offended that he thought I looked like a polygamist! UGH, the nerve of some people. Somewhere out there, a man is telling his friends about the three polygamist girls that came to his door. That’s ME!

How’s everyone doing out there in the real world doing? I would love to hear stories, if you don’t mind.

I hope you two are still going to the Temple every week. It’s such a blessing that is easily taken for granted! I miss it but am excited to go with you guys someday soon! We took a man on our tour today whose wife died 1-1/2 years ago. He goes to the Temple every day, basically. But the Temple is closed on Monday’s so he came to Kirtland to stay busy. Some people are so strong. He’s only been a member 4 years, but has such a love for the Temple. It was incredible.

Momma, Sister Talbot has this cute, long necklace with a picture of the Kirtland Temple on one side and her first initial on the other. Her mom has one too but with the Kirtland temple and a picture of Sister Talbot. How cute is that? (I’m hinting right now.)

 Dad, keep sportin’ the Ohio gear. I’m so glad you emailed me those pictures! It brightened my week! [Read Moromi 7.]

"Sportin' the Ohio gear" Nicole sent for Father's Day

Thank you for all you do for me!! For always sending me exactly what I need & writing such beautiful letters!

I love you forever,
Sister Nicole

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