13 July 2010

"This is Kirtland"

(pictures will be forthcoming - I hope)

THIS IS KIRTLAND!!!!! Best play ever. Maybe not. But it's pretty awesome. The Sisters get to go and pass out comment/referral cards and talk with people. We were assigned to go on Friday and Saturday night, but Friday I was nearly on my death bed, but I did get to Saturday! "The word of the Lord is coming to Kirtland." Great music. Let me tell you. But really, I'm being serious. It made me even more grateful to be serving where I am.

Because of "This is Kirtland", training meetings, and transfers happening next week, we've had way more time at Sites this past week than usual. On Wednesday, Sister Carter took our visa waiting sister, Sister Reed (going to Barcelona on her mission), out into our area while I stayed at sites with her companion, Sister Frisch. Sister Reed and Sister Frisch are "full site" sisters. So they ONLY serve at Historic Kirtland Visitor's Center. Sister Frisch had never gone tracting or taught a lesson to an investigator, so I thought it would be good for us to go on exchanges. Sister Frisch goes home next week due to her 18 months being up. We had a grand ol' time together. Basically, we're the same person. We have the same sense of humor so every tour we took was a...riot. There was a family from AZ on tour with us. They had just picked up their grandparents from their mission in PA. 3 daughters, their husbands, and children. There were three 16 year old boys who were also a hoot. Afterwards we said goodbye and then they called us down to take a picture with us. We were laughing hysterically with them. Then Sister Frisch made the observation that we have the sense of humor of a 16 year old boy. Awesome, I know. We took another tour with a family from Las Vegas. The daughter had just arrived home from serving her mission in Palmyra. She trained Katelyn Stone! Crazy. So on the tour was just the daughter and her parents. Probably the most powerhouse missionary family I have ever met. Both the parents run and they always carry pass-along cards when they go. They were teaching Sister Frisch how to be a member missionary when she gets home. It made me so happy. And the daughter was everything I hope to be when I get home from my mission. Both Sister Frisch and I just wanted to be around her the whole time. It's amazing how many truly wonderful people I get to come into contact with every day. And not just from OH; from all around!

Today Sister Carter, Sister Houston, Sister Stewart, and I went to Middlefield, OH! AMISH COUNTRY! We took really great pictures so I'll be sending them your way tomorrow morn. Tonight we have the Emma Festival at the Kirtland Temple. It's a celebration of the hymnal and Emma Smith. The Kirtland Sisters were invited by the Community of Christ to sing a few hymns. I just feel really blessed.

Things have been tough with the ol' tummy of mine. I have a dr.'s appt. for next week, though. Poor Sister Sorensen (the Mission President's wife) has been hearing from me every day. I asked her if she would be excited the day I go home. Haha? Anyways, we'll get everything sorted out. Thank goodness for the knowledge that the Lord is completely in control of everything is happening in our lives. I have a really comforting feeling that I won't have these issues my whole mission. I keep reading 2 Nephi 4. There are so many sisters here who have truly blessed my life and who have made this journey a whole lot easier. Unfortunately, most of them are going home next week. But I know that I was sent to Kirtland this transfer for a very good reason. There are some days that I am in so much pain that I can't even take tours. But we have a Call Center at the sites so I can just sit down and make calls, or take inbound calls. In fact, the Apostle Paul called me the other day (I'm guessing a prank call -haha). I felt so honored. :|

The Church is True. There's no way it couldn't be. I see so much light coming to people's lives as they accept this message. Read "None Were With Him" by Jeffrey R. Holland [if you're interested this is the talk Nicole is referring to]. I've been thinking about that talk a lot lately. The Atonement is so real. We all have been given that chance to start anew. How beautiful is that!

Sister Hill

P.S. I just really need skirts. (I asked her what else she needed - crazy mom!) The clothes you sent are BEAUTIFUL. Everyone said, "Your mom must know you really well." I'm so glad you got to go out with Kristen, too!! I'm jealous. The red skirt might be a little short but I'm going to try it and see if someone says something. Haha. Yikes. I really just want a skirt to go with that cute black shirt you got me from Anthro. I wear the same dark denim skirt every day, basically. It's wearing out already.

Took really awesome pictures at Amish country today! Sending them your way!! With descriptions!! Get excited. "When they get here darling daughter...when they get here!"

I'm eating super healthy now. Gluten free! I didn't even buy homemade Amish bread today. Or Amish Peach Pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm desperate for good health. Nicole must be desperate because she's  made pie a food group!

I love you forever and ever. So glad you and pops are going to the temple together. Many, many blessings there. Did you hear that newfamilysearch just added like 300 million new names to peoples records? You should check it out. Do some work for our long gone ancestors. Dang, I miss the temple. Also, I can't wait to show you around Ohio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sis Carter and I serve in Chardon, right? Right in the middle of this beautiful town is Chardon Square. There's a knitting store AND a bike shop RIGHT next to eachother. It reminds me of my parents every time we drive through. Which is every other day basically. It's called Chardon Square. It's cute. We'll go there.

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Response to her dad's email:

First of all, how did you hear about "This is Kirtland"? Haha. That's so funny. I saw it Saturday night. If you guys come out here with me July 2012, we can see "This is Kirtland" and then go up to the Hill Cumorah pageant! Sweeet.

I'm so happy about Grandpa! I bought a Book of Mormon to write my testimony in and send to him but I just wasn't getting around to it. And then I saw on the records on the computer at sites of people who had accepted to have missionaries over, "Jettie Hill". My heart stopped. Sister Golightly is INCREDIBLE. I'll send a picture of her. Maggie Golightly is her name. She's the cutest. She even called Lyndie and was crying after she got off the phone with her. Lyndie was just talking about how amazing our family is. And she talked about your accident. Then Lynde asked Sister Golightly if she had ever met you. Sister Golightly said no so Lyndie said she was really missing out and it would be worth her while to give you a call. Hahaha. Lyndie's so cute.

That's so fun that Sadie gets to take swim lessons too! Those two are going to be pros when I get home.

Maybe I'll convert Lebron's family and the good news will spread to him? There's still hope. Unfortunately, sisters don't serve in Cleveland. But I'll talk to the Pres.

Love you lots!! Keep doing missionary work, Pops. We are so blessed when we do so! Preach My Gospel tells us that our love for the Gospel grows when we do missionary work. And D&C 18 teaches us about the worth of souls. Keep up the good work!!!!!!

I love love love you!
Sister Nicole

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