09 August 2010

A Tender Mercy

Sister Carter and Sister Hill on Tour

I wanted to share this beautiful email and the attached photo that was sent this evening.  After a day of fasting and prayer with a healthy dose of tears for my sweet daughter this was just what my "mommy heart" needed.  Thank you Brother and Sister Haws for taking the time to share such a sweet experience...a much needed comfort.

Hello Sister Hill,

Our family just returned from a trip to the church history sites. We toured Kirtland on our way to New York, but felt hurried because it was so busy there that day. (700 Boy Scouts besides regular visitors!) We decided to stop again a few days later on our way to Nauvoo. We explained to the Senior Missionary that we had just a little time, and requested a short tour. We especially wanted to see the Newell K. Whitney store where Joseph Smith received several revelations, including the Word of Wisdom. The Senior Missionary called a couple of sister missionaries to come do that for us.

The first thing the missionaries do at every site we visited is ask us where we're from. Your daughter and her companion, Sister Carter, did so. We are from Bountiful, Utah, and Sister Carter said she is from Bountiful too! Something in my memory jumped out.  Sister Hill said she'd had a bad day the day before, and she wished she had something in common with us like Sister Carter did. She said she is from the Sacramento area, and as we visited, we found out that she is actually from Roseville. Our daughter-in-law is from Roseville and her parents still live there.  Also, our oldest daughter and her family live in Gridley, and Sister Hill said she knows where that is. She joked that she felt a lot better now because we all had something in common! Although she'd had a bad day, on this day she was doing well and she is an enthusiastic, happy missionary.

These two sisters are wonderful! They are full of the spirit and bear strong testimonies of the prophet Joseph Smith. They are beautiful women who represent our Savior so well! They asked us how they could help us, and instead of a half-hour tour, we ended up spending 2 hours with them because they were so knowledgable and gave us such a wonderful tour, that we wanted to stay. They gave us a lot of new information from what we had received the week before, and taught us so much about Kirtland and the early saints who had lived there. We loved visiting with them.

I asked them if I could take their picture to send to their families, and said that if I were their mom, I'd want every tidbit I could get! I thought you might enjoy having a picture of them working in Kirtland. This picture is in the room where the School of the Prophets met. They asked us if we would like to kneel there and have a family prayer. It was unique that there was no tour behind us, and they both waited for us out in the hall. It was a very special experience for our family.

We're grateful for your diligence in raising a daughter of God, who touched our lives in Kirtland.

Melanie & Terry Haws

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