17 August 2010

Home to Heal

The "Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow"... Sister's Hill & Decker both struggling with illness.

Usually my post is the much anticipated email from Sister Nicole Hill but today, I am sorry to say, you have only this message from “Momma” Hill…

Can't you just hear the music..."I Did It My Way" (I may have a theme going)?

...and she even has a street named for her.

Nicole fought a difficult battle with an illness that been successfully treated before her mission. She found herself needing the kind of care that can only come from being at home with her family and her doctors. President Sorensen (the Ohio Cleveland Mission President) let her know last Friday that it was time to go home. He assured me that Sister Hill had served a full, honorable mission and had accomplished so much in her short time. Nicole’s desire, shared by President Sorensen, is that she can be healed and return to Kirtland. While it isn’t always easy to accept the answer to our prayers Nicole knows the Lord understands her heart and knows what’s best for her.

They just found out Sister Hill would be going home...sad day!

Sisters Hill and Carter with President and Sister Sorensen on Nicole's last day in Ohio.  Thata girl Nicole - always leave 'em laughing!!

Nicole would say that Saturday was the hardest day of her life as she boarded the plane leaving Kirtland bound for Roseville, California. It wasn’t the airport experience I thought I’d be planning for her but our family was there to quietly welcome her home.

Nicole's cousin Ryan (he "borrowed a seat from the airport") and her favorite nieces Madison and Sadie eagerly waiting.

She's arrived smiling through the pain.

Now for the next phase of this journey…Nicole and I will keep this blog going as we document her “road to healing” and share how she prepares herself for the righteous desires of her heart. She'll also offer the occasional bonus Kirtland History lesson.  Please feel free to write, email and leave comments on this blog. Nicole will need all the support and love we can offer to help her get through this challenging time.

One of Nicole's most prized possessions...she misses wearing it :(

Thank you for the prayers, the fasts, the letters, emails, comments and in general the outpouring of support from family, friends and friends we just haven’t met yet! We LOVE you!!

Y'all come back now...we'll keep this blog alive :)

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Debbie! I sent you an email and tried calling Nicole. I love you all!

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