06 August 2010

Prayer's Needed

A Healthier Time

Sister Nicole's health has taken a wrong turn and she is now struggling harder than ever to get back to her "old self".  She is faced with the awful decision of whether to continue her mission or return home to heal.  I know my little girls heart must be aching as serving a full mission was her dream and her source of great happiness.  All we can do from so far away is offer prayers on her behalf, which brings me to this post...  personal experience has proven to me that there is power in prayer and especially when being offered by many others in whatever form their beliefs dictate.  This missionary mom is asking if you could include Sister Nicole Hill in your prayers...Nicole and the Hill family would be forever grateful!! 

Thank you for your support, letters, comments and love...Nicole draws such strength from friends and family and with you by her side she'll get through this difficult time.

Leaving you with this - Nicole's missionary plaque has this scripture from Esther 4:14 engraved:
"...and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?"

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