21 May 2010

Ouchies and Mustaches

Phone rings…caller ID says Brigham Young MTC…heart flutters. The sweet voice on the other end unfolds a story of Sister Nicole Hill being treated at the clinic for severe stomach pains (& some other less pleasant symptoms). The doctor wants her to see a GI Specialist and needs insurance information. I briefly hear Nicole’s voice in the background. Tears sting my eyes but the mother in me stays composed. Sweet voice assures me I will know how Nicole is doing when she can email or write on P-Day. I ask her if she could give Sister Hill a hug from her mom and she replies…”My pleasure.” Thank you, sweet voice for that kind moment. Phone call ends and tears begin…again!

Now for the “Mustache Mystery”…
As you may have read in Nicole’s email (last post), she told us she found Trevor’s mustache on the bottom of her makeup bag. Lest you think my newly 18 year old son grew a mustache and then somehow ripped it from his face to leave Nicole a reminder of her brother, let me set the record straight. Trevor’s birthday, planned by his cousins, involved a fake mustache. After enduring this itchy, sticky thing on his face for longer than he wanted it was quickly removed. In usual Trevor fashion it was dropped somewhere and forgotten until the email. Now Nicole really does have a reminder of her brother that will follow her wherever her makeup goes.


Jennifer Thomas said...

Hello Sister Hill. I just wanted to let you know that you are doing a great job! I just wrote Nicole a letter. I miss her much and it's good to come here and read about what is going on in her mission. I don't know if you remember me. We have met before! You guys took us to Texas Road house and to an Ice cream place. It was lovely.

Jenny Thomas

Momma Hill (Debbie) said...

Thank you, Jenny for your comment. I do remember both you and Jack. You are such a special friend to Nicole and I KNOW she'll love getting letters from you. She really wanted this blog and I love keeping it up...in a strange way it keeps me feeling connected to her during the six days a week we have no communication. Thanks again for following the blog and I hope I can infuse it with Nicole's cute personality.

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