17 May 2010

It's Good To Be Green

My sweet sister, Kim, and her adorable children (pictured - Shelby, Lyndsey, & Ryan) created a “Greenie” box to send to Nicole. For those who are new to our missionary lingo, “greenie” means a brand new missionary.
These are the items in the box (all green packaging or green items):
• Cute mini notebook with green binding
• Sticky notes
• Large package of spearmint Trident gum
• Junior Mints
• Green pen
• Green hi-lighter
• Little green scissors
• Little tissue packs
• Mint dental flossers
• Large package of Wint-O-Green Lifesaver Mints
• Pencils with “Peace” and “Faith” printed on them

Everything was packaged in green tissue paper with a big green and white polka-dotted ribbon on top!

Here's the poem they enclosed with the box:

Dear “Greenie”,

You may be young,
you may be new,

But you're ready to show
what you can do.

Countless experiences
are just around the bend.

The shepherd's lost sheep
you are called to tend.

So enjoy this box,
every last green treat.

Now get excited -
you have lost souls to meet!

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Anonymous said...

Knowing our darling Nicole, she won't be "green" for long! Watch out Ohio....a spiritual "powerhouse" is coming your way!
Love you, Sister Hill!!!!
:) Aunt Kim

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