15 May 2010

Miracles and Challenges

Sister Nicole Hill entered the MTC 05/12/2010

I have so much I want to share but only have time for a quick post. I returned home to a dying computer and will put it out of it's misery as I transition to the new one over the next few days.

Preparing to leave for Provo, Utah proved to be a day we felt unprepared for. I couldn't find Nicole's much-needed Social Security card so a trip to the Social Security Office was added to our ever growing list of things to do. That trip was followed by a mad dash to our church building to search for Nicole's lost scriptures. Heartfelt prayers were offered knowing that Chris (Nicole's dad) did not have the keys to the library where the lost and found is located. On a second visit to the chapel by Nicole the scriptures were located on the front pew...we still wonder how they got there. The horrible storms that hit Donner and much of Nevada the night before had disappeared by the time we got on the road, proving the weather forecasts for that day false (at least for us).

Beautiful trip, safe arrival, good nights sleep, more to follow...

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